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No more penny after Feb. 4, 2013; Do we pay cheaper with debit?


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Doubt it will substantiate to something more than face value. Coin value exceeding face value is determined by the condition. Due to mass production since 1964 of the penny you won't see anything substantial.

If in the off chance you have ones previous to 1960ish you should take a look at the condition and compare it to a coin collector book.

The only other major factor in the coins being more valuable and condition doesn't matter is if they are double stamped, that being said they re-melt those blanks and they never see the light of day. Or if they are a rare year of minting/where it was minted.

The one to really look for is a 1969 dime. What to look for is if the date is large, only 20 or so are known but more are out there. The last few have gone for 15 to 30 thousand dollars.

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10 years won't make them more valuable. I have few jar fills of change too. Lots if pennies.

When I first read this post I thought about going out and buying a couple of hundred $ in pennies.

In a couple of hundred years they would be worth something. My be worth something to my great great grand kids. If not it would be pretty cool souvenir for them.

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