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To Van:

Jared Cowen

To Ottawa:

Roberto Luongo

Why Ottawa does this:

They get an elite goaltender who is a top-5 in the league since the last lockout. Luongo is a stud in between the pipes they haven't seen since the likes of having Hasek. HE alone solidifies Ottawa as a legitimate contender in the East because they have a Vezina Caliber goalie, a Norris Caliber Dman, and solid offensive depth and grit. Also, Ottawa with Luongo is definitely as likely to win the Division as the Bruins. Rask hasn't handled a full season without Thomas, so the Bruins full 82-game schedule might have some lapses...

Why Vancouver does this:

They get a young blue-chip prospect in Cowen, who was drafted in the same year as Kassian (9th overall - Cowen, 13th Overall Kassian). They can develop as part of a youthful new core of players (Cowen/Kassian/Gaunce/Jensen/Schroeder/Connauton/Lack). They also have a luxurious depth of D here and don't need to rush him into a top-2 role in the foreseeable future, so he can develop properly.

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While I like Cowan, he's a part of their future core on D along with Karlsson. Ceci will be there too in a few years but with Phillips at 34 and Gonchar at 38, they need NHL-ready talent there now to continue to compete. They already moved Rundblad to get forward help, so I don't see them moving another young, talented piece when they don't need that much help in goal.

As others have said, Anderson, Bishop and Lehner are three of their goalies competing for jobs already and they wouldn't need Luongo to make it four.

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If you have a chance to address your teams needs at the weakest position (in Ottawa's case, Goalie), with an elite all-star player in that position, and solidify your team's playoff contention for the next 5-6 years...you do it. Big Ben Bishop is still a prospect, and Lehner hasn't proved anything at the NHL level. While Anderson has had some good showings (Luongo even complimented Craig on being a good goalie), none of them are even in the same conversation as Luongo. I don't care if you have some resentment towards Bobby Lu, but numbers don't lie, and statistically he's been one of the best in the game since 2006. Last year, we won a 2nd straight President's Trophy because he was our MVP for a good part of the year.

To all the fans on this board who didn't watch the canucks through the 90s-2000s, when we didn't have any worthwhile goalies, it's hard for you to understand how important a great goalie is. We often take for granted that we have some of the best in the league in every position, but our goaltending tandem is arguably the best in the league. Ottawa is in the same position the Canucks were a few times throughout our history, when we had a decent team but goaltending was a question mark...

Ottawa fans who read this: Luongo would make your team a lock for the playoffs for the next 6 years, and he'd give you as good a chance to win it all as any goalie. Plus, the sens have the grit and toughness to back him up when the playoffs get nasty.

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