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The Ethics of Eating Non-Human Plants


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This is largely motivated by a previous thread where the ethics of hunting non-human animals were discussed. In this thread, I want to discuss killing non-human plants for food.

First, a few points:

1) I don't eat human plants (so don't accuse me of being hypocritical or irrational given the arguments presented)

2) I am not absolutely against eating non-human plants i.e. there are contexts where killing and eating or eating a non-human plant is ethically justified

3) I want to dicuss standard cases e.g. going to the grocery store to buy animal plants for your BBQ and to a lesser extent, localally sourced animal plants.

4) This discussion is intented to be respectful and hopefully intelligent. Obviously I will be arguing the position that it is not (in most cases) ethically permissable to eat non human plants, and in some cases it is morally obligatory that we shouldn't. Even so, I am more than willing to revise/further inform my position given persusive arguments.

With these points in mind, I'll put forward the topic to discuss:

I'll assume that many who respond will in fact eat plants, and think their act of eating plants is ethically justified. I would like to examine these supposed justifications. If you're serious and/or interested in the topic, I will do my best to carefully consider what you have to say. My hope is that some people will see some justifications as lacking and perhaps, might be persuaded to change their own practices (to whatever extent). A little dreamy? A bit. But as rational creatures we have the power to change what we do.

So, feel free to respond.

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