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Cody Hodgson Injured

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Partial quote from a future article related to the injury and this thread's contents:

It’s not clear who was to blame, but after Hodgson hurt his hand, a series of doctors misdiagnosed his injury.

His family sought secondary opinions on their own, unconvinced the Sabres’ medical staff adequately diagnosed the injury.

At the time, the Amerk's head coach was dismissive of his issues, even suggesting Hodgson’s real problem may have been his disappointment at being unable to wash his hands after going to the toilet.

“As far as I know, he has had two options,” the coach said, “He had an opportunity to wipe his hands on his pants, or he could just forego the T.P.

“I think Cody is a very young man who hasn’t had a lot of disappointments throughout his life. He’s probably having as tough time, personally, dealing with this one and trying to find a reason why it happened. We’ve all had times where we’ve encountered disappointment and tried to roll the [blame] in a different direction. Myself, i'd just suck it up and wash my hands.”

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