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Cody Hodgson Injured

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It wasn't the icetime as much as the zone starts that he wanted. It made sense for Cody to be utilized in an offensive role and he wasn't getting that with the Sedins getting all the sweet zone starts.

That being said, during his 'rookie of the month' month, AV did grant him Sedinish zone starts and he responded by putting up some points. So AV did indeed grant him his request. For a month.

I have no problem with Cody wanting easier icetime. He's a slick offensive talent that isn't built for grinding 3rd line tasks. And he's not a tremendously tenacious two-way force yet either. He NEEDED Sedinish zone starts to succeed here. Problem: We already have the Sedins. So you can say Cody was doomed as a Canuck right from the get-go. Oh well?

What bothers me about this is that TO media was right about Coho's destiny from the start. Throw crap on a wall and sometimes it sticks i guess.

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Botchford's latest on CoHo:


Hodgson’s career with the Canucks was downright Tom Cruise-ian. He was the golden boy who over the years became a player the organization couldn’t stand. Cruise’s image may never recover from that ridiculous moment where he was jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch. Fair or not, Hodgson will always be the guy who demanded more ice time.

When general manager Mike Gillis hand-picked him, against the advice of others, Hodgson became the marquee prospect, billed as a future captain. It’s a label that later would be roundly mocked. Even on the morning of last year’s trade deadline, someone on the team used hockey tape to put a “C” on Hodgson’s jersey.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Cody+Hodgson+aims+leave+Canucks+behind/7780532/story.html#ixzz2HE1FIOUr

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