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NHL 13 sim league (much like GM connected)

Top Sven Baercheese

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If you don't know what a sim league is, it's nearly the best thing in the world, not very time consuming, a tonne of fun, and you can do it while you're playing NHL 13 (if you like). What happens is, you are given a team to be the GM of (like a be a GM mode on NHL 13), and you trading with other GM's on the forum. The players have rating exactly the same as NHL 13 ratings (cause hey, we're using NHL 13) but some are selected in the offseason for upgrades.

The simmer then applies all trades, signings, waivers, lines etc. and sims every day of the season posting box scores for every game (yes it's very time consuming). he sims all 82 games for every team, to see who can win the Stanley cup. I'm the simmer on the league i'm talking about, and we got through a whole season in 2 weeks. After the season ends, we do the draft, and do free agent signings. Right now free agency is just about to open. We would love to have people that could sign in every day to check their messages and make trades and sign and re-sign players. We also have a great group of staff that is willing to help any new people out!

Right now teams open are:




New Jersey



Come and join!




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