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Tv/Internet/Phone Bundles


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Hi fellow CDC's,

I was wondering if anyone of you know any promotions for tv/internet/phone bundles? My promotion is set to expire with Shaw, and they aren't offering me any deals at this time.

Also, just out of curiosity I was wondering how much do you roughly pay for these three services, and with which service provider?

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated!


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I actually have a great plan with shaw which includes all 3 services after tax for just $50. It was a 1 year promotion thing, and they didn't have any offers at this moment in time.

Now, i am thinking of switching back to Telus if the plan is decent. They left me with a good impression when they decided to waive a month service fee and the deal for shaw was too good to resist. Nothing wrong with either providers, just whoever has the best deal will win me over

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I disagree. Initially we were on a contract but once it expired we are month to month

We have been with Telus for several years. We get the set top boxes and PVR as well as a wireless router included free with universal remotes and currently pay $15.00 per month each for Optik TV (HDTV basic plus sports package ) and Optik high speed internet and $22.95 per month for the telephone line with a long distance discount plan. Service support (telephone and on-site) has been great and as new equipment became available our older equipment was swapped out free of charge.

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That is why they call such evidence anecdotal.

In our case we had a very intermittent glitch with a signal drop-off - no predictability (I swore it was caused by a gremlin). Of course when the service guys arrived, no problems to be found.

The Telus guys kept at it, put monitors on the lines and finally diagnosed it. At one point we had three technicians and the head of service on site trying to figure it out. It turned out the problem was faulty wiring and connectors both in our walls and in the communications room of our condo with the switching equipment ( the condo is about 12 years old).

Telus finally just re-wired everything pulling our in-suite wiring (they also discover the cable wiring was faulty and replaced that as well) and replacing it as well as upgrading all the wall plate connectors as well as rewiring the switching equipment. Oh yeah and no charge.

My experience with Shaw previously when we had a problem was a shrug and a recommendation to call in an electrician on our own dime (who never did find the problem).

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