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CDC Art Contests are lame-o for pirzes. This Pavel Art Contest will be the same.


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This post is my 'personal dis' for last years art contests on CDC.

There was a Canucks Art contest last year. Great idea seeing as there are a ton of fans who can draw, young and old alike.

..Basically they ran the contest, there were great entries and it brought together a cool little community of artists and fans on CDC... but the folks running it never got back to anybody. Didn't even post in the forums.

NO prizes were awarded, which makes me wonder why this was called a contest in the first place.

It seems that getting fans to post their art is basically free promotion.. or at least treated that way.

Though initially, I was interested in this new PAVEL contest, I don't think I'll be involved seeing as the people who created the contest, won't even have the dignity to let the artists know the contest has ended, or if there was even a winner.

There's no reference to prizes for anybody... no free hat or shirt... and thats the least a million dollar franchise can offer.

I just find this to be shameless promotion and exploitation of their artistic fans.

Mind you, I'm speaking mostly for the kids out there. There were some cool entries.

So No Thanks for this new contest.

I hope someone running it reads this and follows through this time.


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