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Dont expect any news on him, he's getting paid to be on the IR so he's not going to publicly say hes good to go untill the season is set to begin.

Although I did meet him a week ago at an Autograph signing and asked him how his shoulder is, he simply said its getting better while smiling.

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The desperation time is sinking in hard for the NHLPA. Even fan based media like TSN and others sympathetic to the players are having to spin harder and harder to still make it seem like its an even match.

Verteeg came out today to resort to outright childish personal attacks.

The TSN writers are now citing unnamed 'sources' to twist what one owner (Snyder) says into some kind of controversy.

Far cry from the good ol days when it was supposed to be a 'fair fight' and a 'standoff' .

Now its full time WHINING from the NHLPA , its players and the media that supports them.

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Bottom line, we are badly missing the entertainment of hockey. Sadly, big business has gotten in the way. Unions were designed to ensure workers were not taken advantage of by employers. This whole scenario is nothing short of ridiculous. Greed has driven the beast it is right now. Money is the only thing standing between both sides and we, the fans, are the victimes. I will not support the NHL with one dollar for the next two years. They can get their greedy fingers on someone else's wallet.

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