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Steam Autumn Sale Nov 21-26


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Portal 2 is amazing so $5 is robbery.

Theres always sales happening on Steam. There is NEVER a time when something or the other isnt on sale for a crazy low price. I bought Portal 2 months ago at $5. Assassins Creed 2 for $5. etc etc.

These crazy low prices, for the producers, are a nice way to make money on a title that is dead or no longer getting shelf space in stores but the overall effect on people like me is I hardly buy new full price titles anymore. I have enough from Steam sales to keep me going for a long while and theres no end in sight to the deals so paying $50+ for a new game isnt really on my radar anymore. Itll be half price on steam soon enough. Then 75% off 6 months further down the line....

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