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By Election Results - Tories Hold On to 2 Seats, NDP 1 Seat


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The Tories held on to their 2 seat up for grabs. The Durham riding was won by Tory Erin O'toole with 50% of the vote. However, the Calgary center riding was much closer with a three way battle between the Tories, Liberals, and the Greens. The Tories under Jaon Crockett defeated Liberal Harvey Locke, 37-32%. The NDP finished 4th.

In Victoria, the race is virtually tied between the NDP's Rankin and the Green's Donald Galloway.

Mr. Rankin is ahead of Galloway by 300 votes as voting continues as of this time.

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The Conservatives held the Calgary Centre riding as CBC News projects with Tory candidate Joan Crockatt ahead with 37 per cent of the vote to Liberal Harvey Locke's 32.6 per cent with 253 of 263 polls reporting. Harvey Locke for the Libs has now conceded, Did the comments from McGuintyy and Trudeau make a difference? The polls in Calgary Centre were suggesting a dead heat between the Conservatives and Liberals but it was not near as close in the final result. Several pundits suggested that Liberal support was bled off due to the McGuinty and trudeau comments and parked with the Greens and NDP. Traditionally by-elections have results with voters sending a message to government - that does not seem to have occurred here and Crockatt was a fairly weak candidate.

The Conservatives held Durham with Erin O'Toole as the runaway winner, retaining the Tory seat in the riding northeast of Toronto with 50.7 per cent and all polls reporting. The seat was formerly held by onetime Conservative MP and cabinet minister Bev Oda before she resigned in July under a public uproar about her ministerial expenses.

In Victoria it is a close battle between the Green Party's Donald Galloway and NDP candidate Murray Rankin in a race that has see-sawed throughout the night. Murray is a longtime friend who was a professor when I attended law school and he would make an excellent MP IMHO. He is well-versed in freedom of information, aboriginal and environmental issues and was a founding member of the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre.


The CBC decision desk has just called the Victoria race as a win for the NDP.

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