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Your Perfect Luongo Trade?


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So As The Title says guys this isent a rumor or anything just a question....who do you personally want out of this...and be somewhat realistic with it??

for me and after hearing that he is on the trading block..i would love to get bobby ryan ..he is high up there in my favorite players (always behind burr though :P) putting Bobby with the sedins just sounds amazing

although theres no way we would get him for Lu alone so probally





Bobby Ryan


probally still a stretch but whatever...who would you guys want?

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I don't see a lot of other GM's wanting to create holes in their teams in order to acquire Luongo. Any roster players normally mentioned in rumours are guys who might be good, but are usually short timers as far as their contracts.

The longer the lockout lasts, the more I see this trade becoming one for the Canucks' future.

Rather than being what Gillis had originally stated as his desired return for Luongo (an impact roster player, a top prospect and a 1st), I see the trade being perhaps three very good prospects (at least one of which is very close to being NHL ready), and a 1st.



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Off the map.

Luongo and a mid round pick to Ottawa for Cowen and Neil.

The Sens have a stable of young blueliners - Karlsson, Lee, Rundblad, Ceci and a solid core of vets - they could afford to move one :bigblush:

and Neil - gotta get this guy...

I know - Ottawa doesn't seem to be in the market for a goaltender - I don't care - this is a deal I'd like to see.

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