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Canucks worth $342 Million, According to Forbes


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Vancouver Canucks

Team Value1 $342 M

Team Value calculated November 2012

At a Glance

  • Owner: Aquilini Family

  • Championships: 0

  • Price Paid: $207 M

  • Year Purchased: 2005

  • Revenue2: $143 M

  • Operating Income3: $30.4 M

  • Debt/Value4: 29%

  • Player Expenses5: $69 M

  • Gate Receipts6: $73 M

  • Wins-to-player cost ratio7: 101

  • Revenue per Fan8: $55

  • Metro Area Population: 2.4 M

Forbes Lists

#7 NHL Team Valuations


Valuation Breakdown Sport9 $42 M Market10 $147 M Stadium11 $107 M Brand12 $48 M



The Canucks had a drop in revenue during 2011-12 as the team played 8 fewer playoff games at Rogers arena than they hosted in 2011 when they went to the Stanley Cup finals. But the team remains one of the most financially sound NHL franchises. A passionate fan base and sky-high tickets allows the Canucks to generate $70 million annually in gate receipts--fourth highest in the NHL.

Prior to the lockout,

the Canucks, who sold out every game last season, were reporting a 97% renewal rate for season tickets, the same number the team had for the 2010-11 season.

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Aquilini fought pretty hard to not disclose the financials of the Canucks during his divorce proceedings. Many thought that it was because (a) no one likes to disclose confidential corporate documents unless they have to and (B) Aquilini wants to keep the value of the Canucks "undervalued", as to avoid giving up more assets to his ex-wife and to avoid paying more taxes. So... yeah. this valuation based on what the team has released shouldn't be too accurate.

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With Bettman in charge of the NHL... we have little hope.

Gary Bettman can provide neither the vision nor leadership to fix the NHL


Gary Bettman is everything Canadian hockey fans revile.

He is not a hockey guy but he is the worst kind of empty suit: a corporate lawyer from New York. In two decades on the job, he has yet to demonstrate a passion or love for this game which is so deeply embedded in our national psyche. And, when you come right down to it, there’s something inherently unlikable about the little man.

Oh, yes. One other thing. Under Bettman’s watch, the NHL is currently enduring its third major work stoppage of the last 18 years.

Short of putting a Darth Vader helmet on him, you couldn’t cast a better villain for this piece. But, while it’s kind of fun to make Bettman the target of all our derision and scorn — OK, it’s a lot of fun — it misses the point.

The issue, and prepare to be pummelled with the obvious here, concerns the divide that exists between the NHL’s wealthiest teams and its poorest.


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