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Nobody says Roughrider fans are smart

AL Nite Long

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REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders’ attempt to show some Christmas spirit backfired after residents called 9-1-1 believing Mosaic Stadium was on fire.

In the past couple of weeks, the Roughriders were showing a traditional Christmas scene of a yule log on fire often shown on television on the stadium’s electronic video boards.

But after receiving four 9-1-1 calls, including two in the past two days, deputy fire chief Gerard Kay said it was time to tell the Roughriders on Thursday to change the channel.

“If you catch it at the right angle and in a rush, you probably think ‘Gee, the thing is on fire,” said Kay. “People (are) insistent they can smell smoke, they can see flames — it’s bizarre.”

“I hear it’s trending well on Twitter,” Kay added.

The biggest concern with the image was safety in terms of sending resources in an emergency state to four false alarm calls on slippery city streets.

“We want to minimize that as much as possible because it’s dangerous for pedestrians, traffic and even the firefighters themselves,” Kay said.

The Roughriders are now showing a message on the screens thanking their sponsors and fans for their support.

Ryan Pollock, manager of communications for the Roughriders, said on Thursday no one was available for comment.

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