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NHL lockout: Fans planning old fashioned protest outside NHL headquarters


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img20222628.jpgFans are angry and each day that passes without a deal makes them angrier. You know that, most likely from firsthand experience.

As a result, we've heard about a bunch of protests. There's a fan in Philadelphia who wants the Wells Fargo Arena to be empty when the Flyers play their first game. Others have made their own personal protests on YouTube (too many to count). And somebody even suggested you send the NHL your beard.

Those are all well and good but what about the classic way of protesting with picket signs and chants outside the headquarters? Those worked with some success in the '60s, why not now?

Well, we'll get a chance to find out this weekend in New York. Some fans are trying to organize a protest outside the NHL headquarters, so if you happen to be in the Big Apple and want to protest to the people in the NHL offices who are probably relaxing at home, enjoying their weekend, you can do it.



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Hmmm...if there is actually a decent turn out, then kudos to them. Chances are good it will make ZERO difference, but a fan uprising could be somewhat impactful IF and only IF it the turn out is decent..

All of this talk about "boycotting" the opening game of the season, will not work. Ever. With a waiting list of thousands for season tickets, and the consecutive sellouts in the strong markets, no building will ever be under half full, and a resulting "boycott" would not work (save for PHX, CBJ, FLA, etc.)

If they can do this right, be respectful but passionate, it could give the owners & players a little nudge.

I for one, am all for seeing something that will hopefully get the season started.

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I support the protest 100%, the fans have a right to do this for they are the ones being punished for greed, and it's not right. I also like what I read about the Philadelphia man wanting the arena to be empty for the Flyers first home game, I think every city should do this as well. For every team that has their first home game of the season no one should show up, make sure the arena is empty to send a message to the NHL that we will not accept this kind of crap again. Just think of it, finally the start of the NHL season, except for every home team the arenas were empty, looks like the fans are sending a message to the NHL, don't take their hockey away again. I really think this is something that we the fans should really pursue, we need to send a message of our own.

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