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This might seem in bad tastes because of what happened to josh harding recently but lets be honest his playing days might be over.

Min needs a young goaltender to be groomed by Backstrom and later take over for him.

That in mind Van needs to get younger so i say we do this.

To Min:

Lack, Schroeder,1st (2013)

To Van:

Charlie Coyle, Zack Phillips

Why: Min needs a new goaltender to take over the next couple of years. I know coyel is a highly touted prospect but you have to give to get. In the trade min gets the future goalie they need a hometown centerman/ winger. In this trade van gets bigger and stronger. Van would after this trade stick with a 50 50 luongo schnieder duo or trade luongo and sign a back up.

Prospect top 2 foward lines:

Coyel Phillips Jensen

? Gaunce Kassian

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