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[value of] Mike Fisher


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so here is my train of thought.

I was first contemplating teams that have a system more suited for Ballards skills and one of the limited options I could think of was Nashville. Ballard getting minutes with Weber may get him back to the level he was at prior to coming th Vancouver. With the biggest holes on Vancouvers roster being a 3rd line center or a 2nd line winger. I started thinking about Fisher (who, by not submitting a 10 team trade list has a nullified NTC.) as being the perfect piece as he is both a right hand shot who could either play Keslers wing or play center with Kesler on wing. Or could play 3rd line minutes with additional PP and PK(previously a Selke nominee.) time.

So I guess my question is what would you give up for him?

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Wow, Nashville's top center AND Carrie Underwood? Where would MG sign?

It's a dream that Barry so easily Trotz Mike out the door for Ballard+ (weren't they going to play Weber with Josi?)

Josi - Weber

Ballard - Klein (Kevin can play defensively while he goes on the rush)

Gill - Blum/ Ellis? (Ryan or Jon can prob. do better than Ballard offensively, though neither really hits anyone)


honestly I think he'd be lucky to even get in the Top 4, their young offensive guys could use more minutes and Hannan's still solid on the back end. IF Ballard finds his offensive confidence then he could do good things for them though (and if Trotz would trust him)

If he could turn the Kostitsyns into scorers I'd like to see how he could revive Keith's career in a bigger role

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