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[Product Review] Rocket Sports Dryer


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**This not advertising. I am in no way affiliated with Rocket Dryer or its creators.**

For those of us that play hockey multiple times a week, the post-game stench is obviously a huge problem. I know that for myself, being a goalie means that my glove, blocker, chest protector, and mask are constantly in various states of some pretty awful smells. Sometimes it gets so bad that while the play is at the other end I have to pull my mask up just to be able to breath a little bit without inhaling the stench.

I've tried Febreeze, various other sprays, and regular washings at the hockey shops, and I air out my gear after ever use. None of those seem to help in permanenly ridding the stuff of the sweat.

Recently there has been quite a lot of online marketing for a product called the Rocket Dryer. It is basically like a coat rack but with a heat vent at the bottom. You hang all your gear on the rack, zip the bag around it all, and turn on the dryer. In about 30-40 minutes everything is warm, dry, and the smell is quite contained too. It takes a lot longer for the gear to become smelly again after being dryed in there.

The unit is easy to assemble and comes with a travel case for road trips. It costs anywhere from $100 to $130 depending on where u buy it. I got mine at Cyclone Taylor for $109.

It's a great product for anyone who has had the same issues as I have. I know i can't be alone lol.


Anyone also an owner? Or do you guys have other methods of keeping your gear in check?


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I just always used one of the hockey tree things, and I was quite satisfied.

I for one wasn't actually that disgusted by the gear smell.. don't know why, but it just wasn't ever a problem. Could have been that I always took excellent care of my gear and aired it out all the time though.

That thing looks pretty cool though, that's for sure!

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Cool i always see these on hockey monkey but the voltage requirements and shipping to the middle east make it a no go.

But it pretty much sunny 360 days of the year her so its not a bit deal as it is in colder weather.

I do however use the shock doctor dryer (KTM motorcycle version) to dry my skates and gloves.

I also use alcohol spray and use oxyclean for the gloves which works well.

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I ran a ski hire for 7 seven years , and had to deal with some pretty smelly ski-boots , and if the febreeze did not do the job , i would wash the ski boot innners , and then give them a good dose of an after shave , Brut 33 , always did the trick.

Of all the sports i have particapated in , my icehockey gear was the most odiferous .

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