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NHL 13 Create a Player


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NHL 13 Create a Player

This is a very unique game in which you create a player, start in the CHL, get drafted by an NHL team, and hopefully live out your dream of being an NHL player. Not all players will make the NHL, and your potential stars will be generated by a random number generator. You will hand in a spreadsheet with your attributes and you will be inputted into a BeAGM. The computer will sign your contracts and possibly trade you. You will be allowed one trade request in your career, with a possible second trade request if you give me good reasoning, though don't expect it to happen. Stats will be done at the end of the regular season and playoffs. I'll try to do a season per day, but school and life could cause it to be closer to one every two days. I'll give as much information as I can for your skater, including all stats however I will not release your overall until your player retires to keep things realistic. I will however keep track of how you progressed every year and reveal it to you upon your retirement. We will be put into the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, with players such as MacKinnon, Shinkaruk, Pulock, Morrissey and Lazar.

Spreadsheet to come soon, and I'd like to announce that I will be putting the limit of participants on 20. So sign up as soon as possible. You are allowed to reserve a spot, just post in the thread Reserve and you will get a spot. Niloc and I have been reserved a spot as Niloc gave me the idea for this and helped with the spreadsheets, while I will be running it. I have also made a chief decision to reserve a spot for Intoewsables, if he wants to take it because of all the hard work he has done with the EHM Create A Skater's and Stanley Cup Run's. IT, here is your chance to enjoy your own game for once, I appreciate the work you put into your games.

Stats Page

1. Kyle Long (Nathan MacKinnon)

2. Mike Shamrock (Niloc009)

3. Mikhail Scorgolev (Intoewsables)

4. Pasha Ivashin (The Phaneuf Train)

5. Philippe Zarrgon (Wizdom)

6. Jaq Le Cok Grand (Gally)

7. Jackson Hunter (Jaku)

8. Ibrahim Moizoos (canucklax)

9. Vic Vickerson (Bob Corkum)

10. Sanchez Osborne (-Trapped In CDC-)

11. Steven Seagull (MGK)

12. Lou Serr (My Account)

13. Mike Crosby (Sidney Crosby.)

14. Patrick Luongo (Salter)

15. Josh MacLeod (Smashian Kssian)

16. Fir Lorents (One one two)

17. BorkBork BorkIkea (BananaMash)

18. Wolfgang Jägerbomb (Jägermiester)

19. Jordan Schroeder (JordanSchroder18)

20. Mits TcGee (Tig'ol Bitties)

21. Niklas Kromwall (Crom!)

22. Chimon Midorima (Chimon)

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(Probably a dumb question, but do we get to choose our players name?)

Yessir, you get to pick almost everything about your player

I'm debating against Kyle Long, Nathan MacKinnon II, Kyle MacKinnon, Robert Griffin IV, or Ching Chao Luh. Which one should I use?

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