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Waive Ballard or Straight Trade For Komisarek?

Pasific Coluseum

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Anyone who thinks Keith Ballard has a future with Canucks organization is living in denial. His future with this team looks bleak. Like Shane O Brien I think Ballard will be on the move either by waiver wire or a trade. Coach AV really has no love for Ballard and Keith has underwhelmed himself as a Canuck.

Do we just waive Ballard and hope another team picks him up or trade him for another project Dman like Komisarek. Who know, maybe a change of scenery for both players might revitalize their careers.

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Ballard is a good defenceman. He's just under utilized by AV. I wouldn't mind having Komisarek too. A big guy who can clear the front of the net. Something Alberts is suppose to be doing but unfortunately, AV doesn't like using him.

Ballard was a good pickup. He's not being given enough opportunities to play on the Top 6 and when he does, he gets criticized by us for his mistakes

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