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Archie, what are you doing


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Alright, so a little back story. Since I was five, every Christmas, I receive the same things in my stocking... a copy of Mad magazine and an Archie comic.

So I spent the morning at my dad's, and sure enough Santa included these in my stocking. I was thumbing through it (the Archie) and started noticing something.

Although there are references to modern technology (3D TV, email, etc), Archie is still driving around in the jalopy.


It's like Archie, get with it.

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Now that I have read through it fully, it's weirdly inconsistent.

While Archie's family has like a 50" flat panel TV, in the next story, Mr. Lodge, despite being rich, has a weird 1960s tiny TV.

Archie drives around in the jalopy, but there are soft-top mustangs and 80s style cars in the student parking.

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