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[proposal] Van - Buff

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This trade does not make sense. The Canucks are built to win now. Why would they trade away current talent for future talent?

If Vancouver missed the playoffs last year and was sitting bottom 5 in the league come trade deadline this might make sense but not when we are coming off of back to back president's trophies.

I don't see us selling until the 16/17 or 17/18 seasons as most of our core will be around 35 or older. They will likely be at the trail end of big contracts, getting paid around double their market rate. The team will not be able to compete at this point and will move these contracts to acquire younger, cap friendly players.

When the WCE was declining we had the Twins who were improving every season and got lucky with a few other players (Burrows, Kesler, Edler). The Bertuzzi for Luongo deal was also huge. I am not sure how the Canucks GM will transition, it will be interesting to see. I've seen one awful transition and one great transition in my lifetime. By great transition I mean going from a good team with a set group of core players to another good team with a different group of core players without sucking in between.

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