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What Should I Name My Blog?


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As a lot of you probably don't know, it's my dream to be a sports writer or a hockey broadcaster in the future. One of the best (and probably most over-used, cliche, lame-o) ways to get your work out there is by starting a blog. Which I am going to do. But I don't know what to name it! That's why I want to go through you, CDC, to figure out a name.

I want to focus on the NHL, but with the big league locked out, a lot of content (until September) will probably be junior hockey based (mainly WHL) and lots of World Junior coverage, until the end of the WJC of course. So?

I was thinking "Off The Post" or "LafayettesPost" or something...but I wanted to see what you brilliant minds can come up with! If anyone can think of one that's usable I'll mail you a box of jumbo prawns!

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Go with Mash and Friends.

But if that doesn't work, I have a few...Some are more Canucks centered, and I don't know if that's a good thing, but oh well. Also don't know if there's anything out there with a similar name, so you should check first.

Blue Badger

Pressure Freeze

Across The Blueline

Maxim's Masterpiece

Luo and Behold

Sopel's Slapshot

How's Hockey? With Maxim Yapierre

Win Da Turd

Raymond's Ramen

In On Goal

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