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New Year's Resolutions

-Vintage Canuck-

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CDC Resolutions:

1) I want to hook up with either Canuck_83 or That's What She Said this year. I feel like I am getting closer and closer and I think I'll be able to pull the trigger this year.


1) Lose some weightage

2) Get that big chest tattoo I have been wanting.

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Eh, I've had a few, so why not. My psychological goals:

1. - actually give an honest effort at something. (I seem to manage with getting away with partial effort on everything - I could try harder)

2. remove mental blockages (phantom attempts to embarrass myself or barriers blocking me from making my goals)

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I'm going to eat more animals from the endangered species list. That is my actual resolution this year. Today I will be going for a nice big bowl of Shark Fin Soup. I figure eventually most of these animals will be gone and I will have missed out the opportunity to taste their deliciousness. I don't want to have regrets for the rest of my life so I am going to go out of my way to nibble on these delicious creatures.

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