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CDC Virtual Basketball Association 2.1 (Teams Available)


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Virtual Basketball Association


Hosted by Chimon and formyhunny77.

Teams and GM's

Atlanta Hawks -

Boston Celtics - The Phaneuf Train

Brooklyn Nets -

Charlotte Bobcats -

Chicago Bulls - CM Punk

Cleveland Cavaliers -

Dallas Mavericks -

Denver Nuggets -

Detroit Pistons -

Golden State Warriors - Tony Romo

Houston Rockets -

Indiana Pacers - D.Doughty

Los Angeles Clippers -

Los Angeles Lakers - Chimon

Memphis Grizzlies -

Miami Heat -

Milwaukee Bucks -

Minnesota Timberwolves -

New Orleans Hornets - I R Baboon

New York Knicks - Sven Baertschi

Oklahoma City Thunder - Please Call 911

Orlando Magic -

Philadelphia 76ers - Gally

Phoenix Suns -

Portland Trail Blazers - Canucklax

Sacramento Kings - formyhunny77

San Antonio Spurs -

Toronto Raptors - Sidney Crosby

Utah Jazz -

Washington Wizards -

Potential Start Date: January 20, 2013


Commissioners: Chimon, formyhunny77

Player Agent(s): Now Hiring

Trade Tracker: Gally (Tentative)

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Welcome to the NBA 2K12 CDC Sim League

This is a Simulation fantasy league,where you will take over a team as it's General Manager, build your team from the players given, trade with your fellow colleagues and sign players through free agency, and fight for the NBA Championship!

This game is meant to be fun for everyone, so, please don't be a troll, we are all trying to have fun here, it just makes it annoying and not fun for everyone


Simming will be done by Chimon and formyhunny77 on the PC version of NBA 2K13's Association Mode

We will be simulating 82 NBA regular season games, and the NBA Playoffs. There will be a pre-season after the first season, but we can't have a preseason in the first season

Options: Injuries, Fatigue, Chemistry, and Playoffs roles are off.

Salary Cap

The salary cap in basketball is a soft cap, unlike the NHL, and can turn out to be quite confusing, as it is full of exceptions as to when you can go over the cap.

Because of this, we will be playing with a HARD salary cap.

The Salary Cap for the 2012-13 season will be set at $90 million

The Salary Floor for the 2012-13 season will be set at $57 million

Roster Management

Please, on the lineup spreadsheet, list your players in this order:

1. PG

2. SG

3. SF

4. PF

5. C

6. Sixth Man

Your seventh player and onwards are ordered by the minutes they will play

You MUST at ALL TIMES have 12 players on your NBA roster. You may NOT be under this limit.

You will have to allocate the minutes of your players in the spreadsheet.

You must allocate 240 minutes to use on your team

Players may retire at the end of the season. This is totally dependent on the computer

Players may also possibly be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame


The Trade Tracker for this game will be _____.

The Trade Deadline in the 2011-12 season will be on February 23, 2012. No trades may be made from this date until the conclusion of YOUR team's season

When making a trade, after you have negotiated and come to a deal with another GM, you must send the trade to the Trade Tracker, _____ and you must add the other GM(s) in the deal into the PM.

All GM's involved in the trade MUST accept the trade in the PM involving the trades tracker BEFORE it becomes finalized.

After all GM's accept, the trades tracker, will post the trade in the thread.

NTC/NMC will NOT be in effect

When sending a trade to the trades tracker, All Trades MUST be in this format:

To Team A: Kevin Durant [94], 2012 2nd round pick (OKC)

To Team B: Derrick Rose [94], 2012 2nd round pick (CHI)

All trades NOT in this format, will be rejected until fixed. This makes it easier on me to update it in the game

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It was difficult, but the draft list has been completed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuVh73qOnIcSdDZBcjA2eXc1RTE5bktkT1VBOG5wYnc#gid=0

I have also added the top-30 free agents in the second tab on the spreadsheet.

It doesn't look like there will be many other people joining, but I'm hoping that we'll get more GMs as when we start the game officially. I would like to start the Draft on Monday, 6 PM EST (3 PM PST) with the first 2 rounds live. If this doesn't work for most players, then I'd at least like to do the first round live, then have an offline draft from then on. If you really can't make it, then you would have to send a list via PM.


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