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Vancouver is the only Canadian and North American city to make the top 10 best places to live!


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Think of Vancouver's so-called "Creme de la creme" and the enormous clout they wield on so many issues ranging from being able to block development and infrastructure that would have gone through in most other North American cities, to being able to so blatantly manipulate the real estate/rental market through political means in order to maximize the value of their investments.

Look at the kind of people who profit most from the way things are around here, whether its shady businessmen like David Ho or just some connected random whiner who manages to curtail some fun event or activity because they could.

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I simply cannot understand why you guys are complaining about...

really, Vancouver is in top 10. was the 1st for many times, now is the 5th. happens, will be the 1st one again...

if someday a Brazilian city hits the "top 10 cities to live" will be a huge celebration here, we cannot even reach the "top 30"!

of course a city with 1.5 Million of people living there will be some violence and some problems, but the "violence" of Vancouver is nothing to a Brazilian like me used with the massive caos and violence that happens EVERY WEEKEND after a soccer/football game, because the "fans" have a "briliant" idea to fight the "fans" from the other team. but they fight on the city, destroying everything and everybody on the way. means that EVERY WEEKEND these "soccer dummies" destroy the cities across Brazil...

So we make our plans " well before the game" or "very very after the game" and using alternative routes...

like. you can walk in Vancouver without feeling that a stranger will punch you or will kill you using a knife or a gun to steal your things, you don´t have to look your back every 10 seconds to check if somebody is following you to steal/punch/kill you. if you see a person looking behind all the time while walking you can be sure "it´s a Brazilian"

the parks are clean, the public transportation works, you can actually walk in Vancouver and fell fine with it. the Stanley Park is amazing, next time I will bring my family with me...

with one "plus", there so many VW Golf/Polo/Passat/Jetta in Vancouver that we can rent the same car we have here :)

it´s a city with docks, piers and a giant international airport and 1.5 Million of people living there but you still can live with quality. even on the best dream a Brazilian city cannot reach this level for the next 100 years. big cities here are caotic, you cannot walk, drive or live without be angry or stressed. you wake up stressed and sleep even more stressed...

Really Vancouvers, stop complaining and enjoy the best city in Americas (North, Central and South)

PS: a very funny curiosity, I visited the 2 "Victorias", the Brazilian one ("Vitoria" in Portuguese) and the Canadian one (Victoria/BC). don´t have to say with one is better right? :)

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I doubt you've been to TO or Montreal. Vancouver's night life is a joke. They cancelled fireworks at Canada place this year for NYE without a notice and many people were standing out in the cold for 20 minutes just to see some fireworks. Vancouver's only saving grace is the fireworks festival in the summer to display that it is a major world class city. Otherwise everyone just sits in their home and looks at the threads on CDC.

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