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48 game season enter your prediction


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We all know it takes Canucks about 10-20 games to settle in, and if that trend continues, they will be looking at last place in the division and possibly in the conference.

My prediction 24-24, come out slow, gain steam towards the end and miss the playoffs. I see the Oilers taking our spot in the division, and don't forget the new and improved Minni.

The days of going far in the playoffs are over, let's face it, this core only went far once. We have way too many holes in our top 6. Namely, who is going to replace Kesler? He won't be back any time soon.

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The Canucks either miss the playoffs entirely, or barely squeak in and get knocked out in the first round. This team is not good enough to be a cup contender as it stands now.

I think the window has closed with this group, but maybe I am a pessimist here.

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