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48 game season enter your prediction


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The Canucks either miss the playoffs entirely, or barely squeak in and get knocked out in the first round. This team is not good enough to be a cup contender as it stands now.

I think the window has closed with this group, but maybe I am a pessimist here.

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are you guys kidding me !!!

Defense of

Hamhuis bieksa

Edler Gairrison

Ballard Tanev



better than any d in our division by far.

Gillis will make a trade with lu for bozak or weiss to fill in for kes in the mean time wow

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Most of the Oilers' top players have been playing in the AHL this year, they are in much better condition to win, especially early on in the season.

This is also a shortened season. Fans take note, the Oilers may just get in to the playoffs this year considering all the extraneous factors.

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Depends on how bad we actually want it this time. On paper we have one of the best teams in the league. But do our players have the heart ? They definitely didn't want it bad enough last year, and fluked it through on weaker division teams. Its boom or bust, they will either go all the way or out in the first round. They will make the playoffs just based on sheer talent but we shall see.

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