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Remember everyone that we aren't the only team playing half a season...

With that said, as good as the Oilers Top 6 is, thats all they have. Schultz will have a very hard time defending the likes of The Sedins, Parise/Heatley, Thorton, Kane/Towes/Sharp/Hossa. They also have no depth in goal. They are betting a lot on Dubynyk. They'll have the strongest start, but worst finish.

The west will have the usual suspect at the top, Canucks, Blues, Sharks, Blackhawks. Its the middle of the pack that all the wildcards lie. A team could get hot that wouldn't last the war of a full 82 games, Columbus is my sleeper to make it.

As for the Kings, Quick is just comming off a major surgery, look for him to start slower. Also Brown who helped carry the team was fired up due to trade rumours and then a potential run. Kopitar is out for a bit, Penner is a plug. They'll be good, contending with the Sharks for the division, but dont expect a repeat.

As for the playoffs, the Canucks are my bet this year (2-0 the last two years off the start), however it depends on a few things. 1. What will the Canucks get for Luongo? Toronto offers little immediate helps, same with Flordia

2. How does Cory play? He doesn't need to be stellar, but needs to hold the same numbers as Luongo in the regular season. Look his stats up, he's the best regular season goalie since the lockout. Cory needs to simply match that.

3. Kesler? Is the team playing it up and he'll be back 10 games in? Is it a more serious thing? Then when he does come back, how long till he gets into game form. Burrows took 10. Add 10 games to Keslers return till he actually returns.

The west is Vancouvers to loose this year again, and I believe the window is closing soon. So lets hope my 3rd $20 bet pans out.

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The Canucks are really the only team that doesn't have to cipher through any BS to start up the season. The core is the same, the support players are the same, and the whole damn team is basically the same. Teams like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey for example have a lot of preparing to do for the season, whereas the Canucks basically just gotta walk into the look room and say, "Hey, remember last year..." to each other.

Also, having the Luongo/Schneider tandem for a 48-50 game season is almost a guarantee for a perfect record lol.

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