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The Calgary Flames Thread - 12/13 Edition

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I have to shake my head when I listen to the Flames' house media. Saying that they see the glass as half full all the time was an understatement.

They like to state how they only finished 5 points behind the Kings, but fail to mention that the Kings were in the basement for half the season and made a incredible turnaround after Darryl Sutter came on board. The Flames were nowhere near the level of team the Kings were (hell, neither were the Canucks)

The Flames organization is just as Mickey Mouse. They invite Al MacInnis to a 'Ring of Honour' equivalent ceremony where they honour him but don't actually retire his number. We are talking about the 3rd highest scoring defenseman in NHL history, who won the Conn Smythe trophy as MVP for the Flames' only Stanley Cup in 1989. Even though Al's most productive years were in Calgary, he went on and was a great enough player that St.Louis retired his number AND erected a statue of him in front of the arena. Despite all that, the Flames feel MacInnis isn't worth losing a number.

You can't spin a turd into gold Calgary.

They might want to consider giving their #2 goalie some playing time, because Kiprusoff can't play forever, and believe it or not, he can suffer an injury at any time. They have been extremely lucky this hasn't been the case so far.

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First you give me a warning for not trolling. Then you troll another forum member in the very next sentence? Hypocrisy much?

Baertschi was out with an upper body injury. Possibly a concussion. But he came back and played in the AHL already before the lockout was announced to be over. So I think he should be fine and ready for training camp.

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On this forum.. I've been advocating that Bob Hartley would be one of the best options for Canucks' coach had AV been fired. I'm excited to see what he can bring after a few years away from North America.

I also have been cheering for Backlund for a long time and I hope he is able to turn it around a bit this year.

SVEN of course is exciting too.. I hope he gets some time with Iggy.

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