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player buyout could be oppurtunity to upgrade on positions

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im hopng that if vancouver can unload a few salaries with trades.

say bobby luo for say gunnarson bozak and a first frees 2.5 cap space

mason raymond and alberts for patrice cormier and a fourth rounder from jets frees 2.7mill

keith ballard for 2nd rounder and matt martin from islanders 3.2 cap space freed

wed have 10.6 cap space this yr plus 5 mill extra with kesler on long term injury.

signs arnott 2yr 1.5 per cam barker 1yr 750 k

gillis at deadline could open up the purse strings and grab one bad contract at a cheap price

say campbell in florida say a 3rd or 4th round pick basically these players could ge a rental and bought out next yr would help us get over hump to win cup do u think canucks will try something like this its risky but could be good times

once keslers healthy

sedin sedin burrows

arnott kesler booth

higgins lapps hansen

martin bozak manny


hamhuis bieska

edler garrison

gunnarson campbell

sauve barker


backup whoever gillis finds

would open up gillis ability to get a cheaper team on paper for next yr manny will probably not be resigned if gillis doesnt extend edler he may me traded signing a good sniper like iginla or perry in offseason could be a possibility hopefully

i wanna hear wat you guys think gills should do

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