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That is why you don't get Russians


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I think it's better to evaluate each player on his own, but I have to admit, I got a little angry when Team Russia taunted Team Canada after winning the bronze medal. Not every player did that of course, and they are still young men, but still that was extremely unsportsmanlike and rude.

Let's not kid ourselves, however. I admit i have some bias against certain Russian players. I thought Yashin was a money grubbing bum that only tried hard when he wanted to, but for every Russian disappointment I am sure there are others from other countries that are just as bad (Redden, Gomez)

Someone mentioned Avery on here. You know, a lot of people dislike Avery, but I think if he doesn't overdo it he can be a really effective hockey player. What Avery said about Elisha Cuthbert was nasty and rude, but I didn't think it warranted more attention than let's say Duncan Keith taking a flying elbow at Daniel Sedin's head, or Big Bert ending Steve Moore's career.

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