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Question for the Goalies (Bauer RX4 Combo)


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Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the pads blocker or glove for this set

I play roller hockey and am wondering if these would be a good set for me to try out. In terms of price, it is a good deal but I don't know if the quality of it will be good enough and the fact that all the straps (except for the boot strap) are nylon is kind of a negative for me.

In need of some opinions and review or if anyone has any suggestions for me for around the same price point. I know someone who can sell me this combo for $500

I'm also looking at the bauer one70 combo for around $600 but that may be pushing my budget

Thanks in advance!

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Since no one else is answering lol...

I'm not too familiar with the Bauer series but...

$500 for the entire set of equipment is a good deal. My pads alone were $500 (Itech RX7) and that was on sale from $700. My glove and blocker were $100 each. You may want to check what the price of each piece is online though - just to make sure that you really are getting a good deal. My stuff was expensive because it's all ice hockey gear. So you want to make sure that you're getting quality for the price.

The fact that the straps are all nylon might not actually be a bad thing because that would suggest that the pads are lighter than something used for ice hockey. This is a good thing since you play roller - you need better mobility since you don't have the ice to use for momentum. I also like that they don't have the horizontal bars across the knees. My old RBK's used to have them and they were super hard to break in. Not sure what the durability of the pads might be since they are so light (or at least they seem light) but they look well stitched so you might be ok.

Glove and blocker both look nice and sturdy. The glove has a nice, deep mesh pocket - should make catching the puck/ball easier. And it's got a bit of a cheater too - that might come in handy ;) Blocker looks good. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't have a wrist strap. Make sure it fits ok around your wrist because you don't want to be afraid of getting hit there.

All in all, they look good to use as roller hockey gear

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I only play part time as a goalie but you can usually find used sets of pads and glove and blocker for about the same money that are far better quality. There is 3 tiers of pads: intro semipro and pro those pads are into I wouldn't buy anything in thr intro category if I had a budget of 5-600

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