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preseason game vs thunderbirds?


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As most of us now, there are no planned pre season games. There was talk of the canucks hvaving a "preseason" game vs there AHL club the Chicago Wolves, however that is not going to be the case. Therefor i am proposing a possible preseason game vs the UBC Thunderbirds, seeing how the Canucks players have been participating with them for the last little while anyway. This idea similar to what the WJ canadian team did in Alberta before the tournament.

I think this would be a good idea getting some game action in before the season actually starts.


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There would be a better chance of getting an injury than actually getting any useful experience playing a bunch of guys who couldn't make pro hockey.

Given that the team remains mostly in tact from last year, "game experience" isn't necessary

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Guest Dasein


They're not junior players. They're professionals.

This would do them no good. Team scrimmages would be more useful than a scrimmage against college boys.

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Ah, they should play against us. Although that wouldn't be fair with the wealth of knowledge we have here. 100's, no thousands of quality GM's to pick from.


CDC 8 Canucks 2

KingofES with the trick





Understand - media doesn't think he'll make the final cut though. :lol:

Smurf47 lets in 2.




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That would be fun. We know the boys at UBC won't be holding back and they're going to be going at it 200% just challenging the Canucks to play at 100% as well. As long as none of them get injured in the game, it should be fine but I doubt any of the UBC hockey players would wanna hurt any of the Canucks cuz they probably love the Canucks as well.

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Hate to be negative, but this would be useless. It would be like the Miami Heat Playing a NCAA Division 3 team... Theres just no competition. Sure it'd be cool to watch and the players would all enjoy it, but to be realistic the guys would be better off spending their time practicing and in training camp.

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