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Did the possible Lu trade cost burke his job?


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The timing of the Burke firing to me seems just down right odd. The day the CBA get offically setteld was the day I thought we would see the deal inked on Luongo to Toronto. Yet we see a strange move coming from the Toronto side of things....

Burke is done... Well if you ask me, you can look at this two ways:

A: The deal was in place and was about to be final and the owners thought Burke was giving up to much and selling the farm to get luongo, soooo they axed him.

B: They really want luongo and felt burke was not going to get the job done.

I believe it is case number one. If you look at the press conference the new GM Dave Nonis talks about how making a bunch a trades wont fix a struggling team. I think they were just sick of Burkes dumb trades and want to go in another direction, like grow the team from within with good picks and key trades (not big splash deals like the Lu trade.)


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Provided Lou waives his no trade to TO, I would expect he will be dealt before the start of the season next week. The skids have been greased and Toronto management seems to be slobbering all over the chance to get our playoff bed wetter.

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Burke wasn't moved to be a senior adviser for the club solely on the Luongo trade. The fact is that he miffed it up in the summer when he could have got him, maybe even for less than now. Burke was afraid that he was gonna pull a kessel though and give up too much for something that helps, but it's not enough to get him to where he wants the team to be. Ownership wants the team to be in the playoffs making money and sparking interest in the Leaf's again.There are most likely some personal reasons that led to this reappointment and the fact that he was not let go entirely suggests there even more going on behind the scenes.

I do believe Lu will go to Toronto and the Nucks will get something good in return, however that is only one piece of this puzzle. Many people are suggesting that this was lined up before the Lockout started, but as new ownership did not take over until late August it wasn't in there best interest to re leave Burke until they new for sure a season was being played.

You can cut this pie a thousand ways and it still doesn't add up. There are some missing pieces that will be uncovered and some that won't we will just have to wait and see.

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An article in the province today suggested Burke got canned because he WASN'T interested in Luongo, not that he was 'willing to give too much'. I'd like to point out that Mr. Nonis had brought Luongo to Vancouver in the first place; so it almost seems inevitable that Nonis will bring Bobby Lu to T.O.

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IF the Luongo trade talk had anything to do with Burke's firing, I would SPECULATE that it was because Burke DIDN'T want him, but management did.


Burke has stated, numerous times, he does not like front loaded, long lasting contracts. |

But this is all pure speculation and opinion, just like all the other garbage read on TSN and Sportsnet. Nothing is true until a trade is done.

These sports websites generate traffic by creating rumours, especially rumours about potentially the biggest trade piece on the market currently. Why would they do such a thing? Because they can, nobody can trace anything to anyone since it's from "confidential sources".

Personally I'm disappointed even the Province newspaper has jumped on the trade bandwagon (what great columnists to write about trading a star goalie :/), and if Gillis doesn't trade Luo, it's for the best considering the condensed season.

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