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Credit where it's due..... GMMG & a tasty question

nuck luck

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Just a reminder for everyone that was pushing for MG to make a hasty trade and to accept the most ridiculous deals....

Lots of people wanted MG to make a deal before the lockout and accept the crumbles they were willing to offer.... MG stuck to his guns and took a chance to wait it out. Now that the Flyers could use their buyout clause on Bryz it expands the market on Lou which should equal a better return... Genius! And I can't imagine that he hadn't thought this through the whole time......

If this creates some sort of bidding war than I just hope the GMMG haters remember this!

I wonder if the Isles will be knocking on GMMG's door too? The more the merrier :)

Question: If the Isles and Flyers are both in the mix...which team would be able to offer the better deal and what do you think that would be?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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