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Time To Cut Ties With Kesler & Go After Sick #1 Center (Giroux)

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I'm still hearing through the grapevine that Ryan Kesler (from his agent Kurt Overhardt's mouth) is unhappy with AV & the Canucks. Still no estimated timetable for his return which is very disconcerting!

With this shortened season & no Kesler and our window dwindling, we need to win the Cup like ASAP!

Due to these reasonings I think it is prudent to ignore the idea of filling our second line center role with unproven experimental players like Ebbet, Shroeder, Lapierre. We desperately need a gamebreaker player who can SCORE.

We have assets to trade. Make a BOLD move Gillis.

Here's a blueprint to a massive blockbuster which will virtually all but guarantee us a Stanley Cup.











3rd Rounder

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  1. That's a horrible deal for us. We give up 3 key roster players but get back only 2 significant pieces. We also give up two of our top prospects and get a marginal backup and a 3rd.

  2. If you have proof of the rumours you're talking about, that Kesler is unhappy, then feel free to share them.

  3. Kesler's NTC kicked in on July 1, 2012, so if we were going to involve him in a deal, it would have been prior to then.

  4. No trade, no matter how much better it is than this one, can guarantee us a Cup.

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If and that's a big if Ryan is unhappy (what did they tell him he had to pass?) then I would send him with Lou but I wouldn't want to see as big of a blockbuster as your outlining it would just mess with our chemistry, god it's almost half the team you are sending out.

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We get bent over in that deal. The Canucks are trading their future in Schroeder and Gaunce and taking a huge dent out of their core at each position (Luongo, Edler, Kesler) and only adding offense. There's really no reason for Philly to do that deal either. They lose a ton of offense in trading Hartnell and Giroux, which is 2/3 of their top line. Also, they wouldn't take Luongo without at least sending Bryzgalov back.

Sorry, there needs to be more thought put into a potential blockbuster like this than you evidently put in. Not trying to sound harsh or anything.

Kesler + Edler + 1st for Giroux + Coburn sounds more realistic, but even then I wouldn't want to do that. Hank is the Canucks' number 1 centre right now and is one of the top point producers and BEST playmakers in the league. Kesler is a Selke winner and 2-time runner-up and is one of the best 2nd line centres in the league. In short, I like the Canucks' 1-2 punch as it is.

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Not. A. Chance.

1. We overpay ludicrously, 3 of our top 5 players + 2 of our top prospects and few bright lights in the cupboard. They won't give up Giroux for anything less but this is rediculous.

2. Kesler is just unhappy with AV IMO, and he loves being here and playing here, the second AV leaves he will 100% fine here, not that I think he is less right now but I think there could be some issue's but I think we are mature enough to work it out for the better, no real problems here. Also Kes now has a NTC.

Overall just terrible.

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People who make proposals need to realize a few things:

1) Even if the trade is good for us, that doesn't mean that the other team will do it. It has to be good for them too.

2) Teams don't do trades that result in lateral movement. In other words, there has to be a net benefit. Teams won't do trades to get something they need if it results in a gaping hole somewhere else in the lineup.

3) Blockbuster trades involving multiple stars do not happen. Teams know that certain players are fan favourites and they won't trade them all in one go. The fan base would hate them.

4) This doesn't relate to this proposal, but teams can't trade a whole bunch of mid range players and prospects and picks for one superstar. They might match in value but the team with the superstar can't suddenly take on so much cap, and they likely don't have the roster spots for so many players to go back. Plus the superstar is likely a very popular player who can't be replaced as a person by a bunch of spare parts. This leads to...

5) Teams can't trace a whole bunch of spare parts for a decent player. If you don't want the players, it's likely that the other team doesn't want them either.

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