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Edmonton Oilers, the baddest team in the league


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How can any team suck soooooo bad? I can be GM of this team and I can't do any worse than Tambellini. 3 1st overall for the past 3 years, that must be a record of some sort.

The funny thing is some oddsmaker in Vegas ranked it 8th this year among 30 NHL to win the cup. LOooool. I want what they are smoking out there.

Cue the Oilers won several cups...............

When TV was still black and white.

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sad thing is they will be contenders soon and i am sure they beat us a few time even when they sucked sooooo wait until they are actually good.. they will rape us.

if they can get some good D they will be a great team as long as they can keep the core together. if they bomb this year they will get a huge early pick in a deep draft. and be even better..

i am not looking forward to Oiler fans rubbing anything in my face when they are multi cup champs again and we have nothing.

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Pittsburgh did the same thing a decade ago.

2003 - Marc-Andre Fleury (1st overall) *

2004 - Evgeni Malkin (2nd overall)

2005 - Sidney Crosby (1st overall)

* In 2003, the Penguins held the 3rd overall pick but made a trade with Florida so they could select Fleury. Florida took Nathan Horton...

EDIT: We all know that you're either mentally challenged and/or a troll. :)

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