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Schneider for Brule almost happened back in 2005


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So I was watching Hockey Central at Noon on sportsnet, and according to Doug Maclean, when Dave Nonis was GM of the Vancouver Canucks, Dave LOVED Brule because of his play with the Vancouver Giants, and Nonis gave a call to Maclean if he would consider a trade for Brule that involved Schneider.

This was back when Schneider was playing for Boston College and Brule was just drafted. Dave Nonis was GM and Maclean was GM of Columbus. BUT remember Brule was really considered to be a top pick back then! He was called the "Crosby of the west" but obviously thats not the way it turned out.

Good thing this trade didn't happen but it was considered ACCORDING to Doug Maclean.

If I could put a source on here I would but I heard it on TV.

Anyways... Your thoughts?

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The Canucks were against the cap after Nonis took over from Burke, and he had to fill the holes via free agency. People on here were pretty excited to have Ritchie and Isbister. Obviously its easy to say in hindsight that Nonis is a fool, but he made key moves that almost helped bring us a cup.

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