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when does the schedule come out?

Dun Caesar

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I cruised through a few team sites and none had their schedule posted yet. My guess is that although the teams may have received the schedule (and some may have leaked it), they may not be free to post it until the agreement is ratified.

Just a guess though.

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The players CBA vote to ratify it has to be completed first.

This will be done by 8AM ET (I believe) tmrw morning.

Sometime tmrw afternoon an official (for the public) schedule should be available. All the teams have received it to check it over blah blah blah.

Tmrw will be fun hopefully - CBA ratified for good and GM's will pick up the phones deal some players and schedules will be out.


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It won't be released officially until after the players have ratified the CBA. The teams have a copy, but changes could still be made today if there's conflicts.

For instance, word is Minny was playing away from home in the original release and asked the league to switch it to a home game as Jan 19 is Hockey Day in Minny and they wanted to show off their new UFA signings.

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