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To ANYONE who thinks Luo isn't the starter!

The Creature Blue Lagoon

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In my opinion, the only reason people think Schneider is going to be our starter is because Luongo has accepted to waive his NTC and the media. Usually to overthrow one of the league's top-10 if not top-5 goalies you'd have to have a solid body of work and be far better than him, so let's see why everyone thinks Luongo is done in Vancouver -

Schneider had better save % and GAA last season than Luongo, but not by much. He didn't play anywhere near as many games or muster up as many wins as Luongo, but got these nice stats by playing behind a great team on spot starts so fatigue was never an issue for Schneider. He has absolutely no idea what it'll be like playing a full work load in the NHL and has never been an NHL starter or faced that pressure.

AV went with Schneider in the playoffs over Luongo, not because of Luongo's poor play (he was exceptional - our best player in the first two games if anyone remembers) but because of the crap-job the team put up in front of him. Then Schneider wins 1 measely playoff game, loses two and gets the Canucks bounced out of the playoffs. Sure he played great, but didn't make the big saves so he definately didn't save this team or do anything miraculous.

I remember clearly back then reading articles and hearing even Shorthouse himself re-iterate many times that Schneider starting the playoffs instead of Luongo was strictly a reflection of the team's poor play, not goaltending, and that AV just wanted a different look which didn't work. Playing these 3 games in the playoffs, Schneider has not overthrown Luongo at all.

Like I said, you have to win some big games or carry a team better than Lu did to be able to replace him as the starter. Schneider played in 3 playoff games and won just one of them. To me that is not enough to become starter on what should be the best team in the league.

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Yes the CBA did kill trades and no-one knows what MG would want for LOU.But it is still an assumption by many on cdc that LOU will in fact be traded.No-one on here has a clue although they like to profess they do.

MG is the only person with the correct answer.

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Can you please explain to me why it is perfectly fine for you to bash Cory Schnieder a player that was drafted by the canucks and has slowly worked his way to the top of the organization?

He is more of a Canuck than Roberto will ever be.

You never see him complain about defensive breakdowns or not getting enough starts.

AV let Cory play those playoff games because he earned that right. He finally got a rewarded

It was not his fault Luongo took offense to that and asked to be traded.

Don't make me paste the poker interview please, he stated it is time to "move on" and why? Why is it time to move on?

Because AV let Cory start in the playoffs, that is pathetic, what a team player.

If you want to start, go win your job back.

If you want to be traded talk to MG behind closed doors instead of handcuffing him with your crybaby interviews

The thing I hate most about Roberto has nothing to do with his 8 goal playoff performances that he often jokes about.

It's the feeling I get from him. It's like he feels the Canucks owe him something and he is entitled to start.

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and this is why you're such a fracking moron, fans like you want him gone and want him traded. he agrees by saying it's time to move on yet somehow that makes him pathetic.

he's said more than once he'll do what's best for the team

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i need some kind of proof..yet u don't? ok bro lol

Luongo never said he was waiving it, he said if he was ASKED to then he would. And the media took that and went apesh!t with it even though he didn't confirm or deny anything and idiots bought into everything the media was feeding them

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How come Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist don't get ripped on by their fans? They are top nhl goalies as well, number 1 goalies for their countries at the Olympics, and may even be better than Luongo.

Yet they haven't taken their teams to the finals yet and really have not stole playoff series. But they by all fans in the NHL are considered elite goalies but Luongo by our fans is not after all he has done.

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