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Van to Edm Lu deal Blockbuster


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Ok i know they are in the same division but would you do this deal as it is reported edm has shown interest in Lu. This would make both teams better and would probably make us and edm favorites. Deal only gets done if we cant sign edler.

To Edmonton

Luongo, Edler, Schroeder

To Van

Hall, Gagner, Teubert

They have Yakupov to replace hall and now have a very offensive d and a star goalie. They can give edler the money he wants.

We are

Sedin Sedin Burr

Hall Kesler Hansen

Higgins Gagner Booth

Raymond Lappy Manny


Hamhuis Bieksa

Garrison Tanev

Ballard Corrado

Teubert K Conn



Our back end obviously needs a dman again or one of our prospects to perform only if edler cant be resigned and will sign with edm

Flame away

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Our offense doesn't even receive much of an improvement and our backend gets very thin. Teubert can't really skate and his penalty minutes lead me to believe he is either a lazy player (hooking/tripping) or can't control his emotions well and takes dumb penalties.

Luongo will most likely be traded to TOR, FLA or the now rumoured PHI. I for one, would not want to play Edler and Luongo in our own division.

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