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[Proposal]Van - Tor - Philly


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Van 2nd





They lose their most valuable prospect in Couturier, They receive Kulemin a 30 goal scorer to replace him. Bryz singly handedly lost against NJ and allowed Pittsburg to undress him. Clearly a Phoenix system and the playoffs against the best of the best were too much for him. His comments outside of the rink were obviously not received well either. They get a solid 6th Dman in Franson to help the key stone of this trade.

Roberto Luongo, with nothing but playoff experience, nothing but a goaltender who has been beaten by the eventual Stanely Cup Champions 3 years in a row. Has he been bad at times? Of course, he was playing against the best offense in a decade the 09-10 Blackhawks.

Without Hamhuis in Boston he simply did not perform well. Luongo is still an elite goalie with tons of playoff experience.

Bryzgalov's 2012 Playoff stats FLYERS 11 5 6 - 1 0 37 326 .887 3.46



Philly simply cannot move forward in good confidence with this man

So Philly loses Couturier and Bryzgalov the Sieve and gains. An elite goalie, a 30 goal scorer, a 5th Dman, and confidence they can face Nash and win.

Do they improve? You'd be a fool not to think so.


At long last they get their goalie, one who's first playoff performance was abysmal. They replace Kulemin with a player Nonis drafted. And receive a great D prospect and a 2nd round pick they need.

Are these 3 players worth losing for an elite goalie at last? I believe it is, Raymond, Suave, and a 2nd make it easier to swallow.


Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Higgins

Couturier Bozak Kassian

Malhotra Lapierre Hansen

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Ballard Tanev



We inject youth, physicality, and skill in two young players ready to supplement our depth.

With Jensen and Gaunce we are comfortably able to field our top 9 for years.

Losing Schroeder, Sauve,Raymond, a 2nd, and Luongo is a price to pay to win a cup while we are able to.

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Bozak is SO overrated there's few roster players in Van I'd trade him for. Couturier is interesting prospect, but I think I'd rather take B. Schenn instead.

In another thread I already mentioned Luongo + 2nd rd pick (and/or a current roster player) for B.Schenn & Leighton . Solves both PHI and VAN's issues.

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