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Training camp sessions open t o public


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someone go to the game with an encouraging poster for Lu. this guy is taking so much crap from the media its ridiculous.

make a sign like "Vancouver still loves you LU" or something. i would go but i would have to take an 8 hr plane ride. please if anyone goes do this. :)

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Just got back from practice. It was a pretty light practice, so nobody was trying too hard.

Few things I noticed though:

Luongo looked really good (not a surprise really). Alot of fans were Lu-ing and chanting his name.

Schroeder looked a little nervous out there, but his skating was a strong point. Only problem was he was shooting it right at the goalie. He also went up against Manny and Lappy in the faceoff drills, and won a few, but overall I don't think he's a strong faceoff guy. Although Manny is one of the best so it's not really fair to judge him there.

Tanev looked good out there too. He defintely looks like he's put on some muscle. He was winning battles in the corners fairly easily.

Nothing else really stood out for me though, other than the fact that Raymond was probably the most noticable player on the ice. He scored some really nice post and in shots on Lu and Schneider.

Oh and Hamhuis and Booth weren't at practice, I'm sure it's nothing though. And Volpatti was there, which was good to see.

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im sorry but this is the most ignorant saying coming out of the lockout.

2 lockouts in recent history. players fighting with owners. owners fighting with players. and a big eff you to fans.

you can be a true fan but to turn a blind eye of what they did to us fans is just ignorance.

so true fans never left what? left the canuck organization or players. because the conflict was between the two parties.

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The ignorant statement is actually exactly what I'm quoting, friend. A true fan realizes something:

The NHL is a business. Their sole purpose(s) are to make money, and entertain the fans. In that order. The lockout was based on money, and how to fairly share the revenue. It's not as though they locked out to spite the fans, although some of the whiners seem to twist it that way. What did they really do to us fans? It's not as though anyone has died due to NHL withdrawl. "Oh the NHL and NHLPA are big meanies, we should let them know they made us saaaad". Get over it. They acted on a side of the business, while it may be unfortunate for the fans, that was in the best interests of the parties involved. I'm sorry, but the NHL and PA did nothing wrong. Quit being one of those whiners and accept that.

Stop me when this starts to resonate with your sensible side.

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