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The ignorant statement is actually exactly what I'm quoting, friend. A true fan realizes something:

The NHL is a business. Their sole purpose(s) are to make money, and entertain the fans. In that order. The lockout was based on money, and how to fairly share the revenue. It's not as though they locked out to spite the fans, although some of the whiners seem to twist it that way. What did they really do to us fans? It's not as though anyone has died due to NHL withdrawl. "Oh the NHL and NHLPA are big meanies, we should let them know they made us saaaad". Get over it. They acted on a side of the business, while it may be unfortunate for the fans, that was in the best interests of the parties involved. I'm sorry, but the NHL and PA did nothing wrong. Quit being one of those whiners and accept that.

Stop me when this starts to resonate with your sensible side.

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