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[Team1040] Gillis on Cam Barker and Luongo; AV on short schedule


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Thanks for posting. GM MG sounds so cool and in control with all things Luongo.

AV sounds so simple-minded at times, but focused on icing a good product for Saturday and beyond.

Barker doesn't leave much of a soundbyte, but I'm not that interested in what he says, I'm more interested in how he performs. He seems like a worthwhile project, and I like how most of his fights shown on Youtube come as a result of him sticking up for his teammates.

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Yeah he can related to them, which I think is great. Guys like Higgins which A.V. mentioned who get bounced around have been great for us when we've been able to find where they stick. It'll be interesting to see if Barker can fix his career at this point.

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- giving Cam Barker an opportunity to reinvent his career, as he's battled injuries etc. Worked for other players in the past

- more interest in Luongo from other teams since CBA being sorted out

- Gillis has no interest in keeping a portion of his contract

- feels no pressure involving the goalie market

- feels that a lack of exhibition games increases risk of injury

- Frank Corrado is the only junior player attending camp

- believes he deserves recognition

- unsure why he wasn't in WJC

- "favorable contract" penalty if player retires early is not much of a concern for Gillis

- looking forward to camp competition regarding Kesler's temporarily vacant position

- believes Kesler wont be out too much longer

- hopes reffing is tight.

- Gillis likes us fans... isnt that sweet?

....few pretty stupid questions in there as well...

AV; short schedule:

- small inter-squad games a couple days

- has a plan! ...

- harder practice in the wake of a lack of exhibitions

- a challenging schedule

- not much time to develop young talent

- hopes Barker recognizes the chance he's being given

- Barker reminds him of Higgins

- been on radar for a while

- puck-moving PPQB potential capabilities

- expects Lack to possibly start skating again soon

- unsure of Kesler timeline

- not too concerned about conditioning

- gives credit to Dale Wiese in europe, willing to give an opportunity here

- hopes he can provide a 3rd/4th-line energy role

- hopes for a more well-rounded team; 4 lines, 3d-pairs that can all play

- unsure of what type of hockey we'll see in a shortened season

... more stupid questions as well... most of this interview was pretty hypothetical

Cam Barker:

- extied

- hopes things to work out ... small steps

- hopes to play an offensive d-man role

basic comments

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Hoping that the reffing is tight throughout the season to the last minute of the SCF's is a nice and dreamy fairytale and not one a GM should indulge himself with.

The .org should be recruiting first and second line protection as asking Zach to provide that role at this stage of his career on the first or second is an illusionary stretch.

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