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How many points should we expect from the Nucks, and will we be presidents again?

Tom Sestito

How many points should we expect and will we be presidents again?  

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I think they'll finish with around 60 points. Can't see if they'll win the President's Trophy this year or not. Other teams around us have improved as well. But I really like how there aren't that many back to back games unlike Columbus who have like 11? Also, we don't have to travel as much since we only vs. Western Conference teams this year.

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I would be surprised if we win the Presidents trophy, it's pretty unlikely to win 3 years in a row, especially with Kesler out. But like OP said, a strong return from a Luongo trade would help. I think we can easily be Top 5, but I'm more concerned with the Stanley Cup.

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President's trophy -> no .. goes to Pens or Rangers

Will finish top 5 in the league

Will finish first or second in Western Conf.

Season stats : 26 - 13 - 9 = 61

Would rather finish the short season with a helthy team and have good standing for ice advantage in the playoffs.

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I personally feel that although the Canucks will probably still win the Northwest Division this year, both Edmonton and Minnesota have improved drastically (whether it be through signings or experience for young players). With numerous games amongst our own division which has grown considerably stronger over the offseason, I think we can expect to lose more divisional games which will decrease our overall point total.

As some have already pointed out, the last two seasons had the Canucks at well over 60 points through 48 games, but I think with a tougher division as well as our core getting older, I think the Canucks will sit at around 60 points through the season.

With that said, no I don't believe we will content for the Presidents.

And with that said, the Canucks will hit their stride just going into the playoffs and will take it home.

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12 games above 500...60 points. Good enough to win division and third in the conference.

President's Trophy...does it really matter?

Divisional games will be way tougher this year with all opposing teams improving; no more gimmees like two years. One of the keys our success will be if Booth, Raymond, Malhotra can have bounce back years.

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