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I love the posts that call it ridiculous or call people out especially when coming from people who have been members for a year or two and have 2K in posts (K is a thousand which you'll learn one day). Likely still have mom folding laundry for you.

It was a simple what if......what if Redden who has been mailing it in from the Junior affiliate cause he feels he's put in his time there already got a legit chance one last time..........Our GM has shown he loves reclamation projects - cheap and if pays off......golden.

I'd take Gomez for our third line at under 2 mill, he's only 33.......he'd be better than Arnott. (1261 posts in 11 months = greater than 3.5 posts per day as an average..........how do you find the time between asking mom for a grilled cheese and asking dad for his car)

Ballard does what two or three monster hip checks a year, the rest of the time V can't take his game on the ice and only gets more when theres an injury (also 3.5 posts per day average).

Dont even get me started on the 10K in posts since 07..........dude, read a book or something instead of making those smancy sigs

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Clearly Redden would prefer the life of an AHL player, travelling on a bus and playing in conditions (locker rooms, training facilities, medical staff) not as nice as the NHL. Mailing it in because he's put in his time so he could get picked up a few years later as a reclamation project?

If you spent less time getting offended by responses and overthinking things that people have already talked about and dismissed as unlikely, and more time looking at where your posting (you'd originally posted in the Trades, Rumours or Signings forum, now it's in the appropriate proposals forum) and reading the discussions others are already having in other threads (like the/topic/338189-scott-gomez-done-in-montreal/"> Scott Gomez thread), you'd find your time here much more enjoyable.

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