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Hey all,

I just recently moved to Ottawa, and was wondering if there is any places to catch games?

I searched the forums and the only topic i came across was:


However, that link is almost 2 years old and I was wondering if there are any updates to more places to watch!

My internet here is super slow, I have no cable, and I am only here for a few months so I won't be able to sign up for better internet or tv. I even left my jersey/shirts in Vancouver as I didn't expect a season!

Hope there are more Canucks fans here now and hope you guys can help out!

PS. Places in downtown would be appreciated as I live closer to there.

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I recently moved to Ottawa in September as well for school. I'm planning on buying an iPad app so I can catch some of the games so that might be an alternative for you even though your internet might be slow?

Edit: just took a look at the old thread. Don Cherry's seems to be a good place to watch the game for sure. It's by Rideau Street.

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