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if a cashier gave you extra change without relizing it and you knew it, would you keep it or give it back

would you pocket extra change given in error by cashier?  

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I could use that money a lot more than some mega corporation can, as far as I'm concerned.

Who in their right mind would think that ethical decisions should apply to an absolute rather than a situational consideration? To me it's funny how people are saying their parents raised them right and all that garbage. In the case of getting extra change, that's one thing, but to act as if there's a universal ethical "Truth" or "honesty" is, imo, dumb.

A good parent would teach their child reflexivity, and how to properly contextualize each moral quandary. Sometimes selfishness and dishonesty are much better for a person, and the idea of some absolute 'greater good' seems medieval

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Care to put an argument forward then? Big corporations employ real people and sell goods and services to individuals. Any potential monetary loss isn't magically absorbed by an infinite amount of profit. It's likely real people will feel the backlash be it through lower wages, reduced benefits, or direct consequences to the employee who was responsible for the losses. This is all besides the point though because a thief is still a thief irregardless of when he wants to steal.

If I found money on the ground and didn't know who it belonged to I'd keep it. If i was given extra money back when I made a transaction I'd feel obliged to return it. It doesn't matter who the cashier or store is. For those who think people it's alright to do otherwise how do you think society would operate if everyone proceeded in such a manner?

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My parents would disagree. They were clear from the time I could grasp life lessons that if it was not my property, it did not belong to me.

There is no greater good in my position, but that seems to be inherent in your big evil corporation construct. I go with honesty and integrity across the board.

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